My life was once so organized
Now it's in total disarray
As I live from moment to moment
Wouldn't have it any other way.

I rise and shine each morning
And always say a prayer
Thanking God for another day
And for keeping us in His care.

Sleepily to the kitchen I go
Where coffee's already been made
I kiss and hug my husband
And raise the kitchen shade.

The birds are already cavorting
Through the trees the sun does shine
Flowers bloom through the frostiness
Another good day is mine.

I'll read most any book around
Especially poems and history
Classics like Steinbeck and Poe
And always a good mystery.

Shopping's always fun to do
Antique stores call out to me
Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Krogers
So much to buy and see!

Eating's always a pleasure
Cooking is fun but we do eat out
Taco Bell is a favorite place
And IHOP makes me shout!

I like word games and puzzles
I like to watch TV
I like to snuggle and cuddle
Everything pleases me.

A bar of chocolate's essential
And a good magazine or book
A cup of hot fresh coffee
My husband's loving look.

Simple pleasures are best
They're easy to be found
They don't cost much and yet
They're the best enjoyment around.


By Frannie (

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