“Oh Doctor, Dear Doctor,
Some pills give me please!
My stomach’s a mess
My heart has no ease.”

“Patient, Oh Patient,
Dear Patient of mine..
What can I say?
Your tests are all fine.”

“But my wrinkles have wrinkles!
My eyelids…they droop.
It’s been easily a month
Since I took a good poop!”

“Your nerves are quite steady,
With nary a quiver.
Your muscles, strong enough
To row up a river!”

“My legs are all puffy
And full of edema!
I need a new pill
Or a large grant from F.E.M.A.”

“Your legs are good,
Circulation’s very strong
To pull that caboose,
You’re hauling along.”

“And when I bend down,
My balance does lunge.
As for my Boobies?
Does my neckline plunge!”

“I checked everything
And I looked everywhere.
From what I can tell,
You haven’t a care!”

“I was quite attractive
When I was a youth.
Do I look my age?
Just tell me the truth!”

“Wait just a minute!
There’s one thing that I’ve got!
Can I interest you in...
A Mexican Flu shot?”

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)


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