I watch as they build the new houses
The one by the road interests me
It has porches and decks
And a big back yard.

I wondered who'd live there
A family with children
and a dog perhaps.
Even the attic has a nice window.

The garage is built to the house
So big it is, could put three cars in it.
They painted the outside pale yellow
With white trim.

The sold sign is gone?
Some one bought my place,
They bring things to the house,
A dog house, a big one.

A gym set and slide, for the children,
Two cars and a boat in the garage,
And lots of regular furniture too,
They seem excited as they move in.

Now the windows get curtains
To cover the stain glass trim,
And lamps light up the house at night.
Now the house is alive with love.

Now the house has become a home,
A home with a family and dog.
Two cars and a boat,
A lovely yard to enjoy a barbeque too.

By Brier (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)



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