The Winter Pathway

© By Frannie (

I walk the winter pathway
The snow crunches beneath my boots
Sunshine glistens on frosty windows
Tree limbs are coated with icy crystals
My breath is visible in the cold atmosphere
Birds skitter across the frozen birdbath
Icicles hang suspended from the roof
The snowplow roars as it scrapes the road
Winds howl and branches snap
Power lines hang heavy and low

Hmmm, I must be dreaming. There's no winter pathway in Georgia. Yes, it's kind of chilly, but the camillia bush is blooming!

The Winter Pathway

© By RickMack (


From the front door to the sidewalk,
Through a foot of new-fallen snow,
Precisely cut is each white block,
Beside the path, set in a row.

The flat shovel kept the blocks square,
The bitter cold retained their form.
By noon, the kidsí fort would be there,
And snowball fights will keep them warm.

The path was finished just in time,
For the mailman is coming now,
And from his truck, we watch him climb,
Over the pile left by the plow.

At the box, he retrieves his gift,
In exchange for leaving his post.
Once, again, he mounts the snowdrift -
Ití$ the $ea$on he like$ the mo$t.

The Winter Pathway

© By Swampetta (


Winter is a pathway to Spring.
That is when the bluebells ring.
The daffodils piercing through the lawn.
A kiss of warmth in the dawn.

I see my breath on the air.
Crystals of snow in my hair.
Wrapped up in my winter coat,
With a woolen scarf around my throat.

Black ice is hiding on the road.
Then covers the window of my abode.
Boots on my feet, (hope they don't leak!)
And any warm place is what I seek.

You who live in kinder climes
Miss out on the wilder times.
For three or four months we'll be freezing.
When we thaw, we start sneezing.

In the South, so I hear tell
they go from warm to "Hotter than Hell"!
We have four seasons in this zone
Goes from "Steamed" to "Cold to the bone".

Then we have Autumn and there's Spring.
We can cover almost anything.
Southern Women envy us you know.
All the clothes we get to put on show!

The Winter Pathway

© By Tom (


Oh may I ask
Is the winter pathway
The same as the pathway of life?
Or is it an avenue from the snow?

For the pathway of life is
So danged crooked,
Weaving, twisting, always turning.
Good and bad sections there are,
But which will there be on this one day?

Shoveling snow is like breathing,
Something one must always do,
That is unless, oh perhaps,
Down South you move
Then it is rainy and sticky.

A winter path I do plow,
To be able to get
Out of my own yard.

But the winter pathway of life,
I screwed that up,
A long time ago,
And it is water over the damn dam.

But when the snow drifts and
Does cover the doors,
A bottle and a book I get,
And enjoy, until the thaw.

The Winter Pathway

© By Sharon (


Strolling along a winter pathway
What in Arizona do I see
Birds and cottontail bunnies at play
Some bunnies stop to look back at me

A few brittle bush starting to bloom
The sun shining ever so brightly
Little cactus wren dispelling gloom
Blue skies as far as I care to see

Lake shimmering and flowing along
Palo Verde trees standing so green
In purple sage, birds singing their song
Bees gathering nectar for their queen

Quite cool right now is the desert air
But no icy snow upon the ground
Rain we aren't receiving our fair share
Lizards slithering without a sound

Quail joining together in covey
Protecting each other from the cold
Pigeons cooing all lovey dovey
Falcon on wire looking quite bold

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