When winterís sky dawns bleak and grey,
My thoughts turn to flower scents born on the wind of a spring day.

I think of sun, birds on their return flights,
And all the wonder of springís delight.

Never mind the cold, wind and sleet.
My mind is elsewhere in a warm retreat.

Swaying trees in a soft, spring breeze,
My mind manufactures as if to tease.

The weather calls for dropping temps and bitter chill,
But I think of fishing on the green bank of the old mill.

Baby Robins, pussy willows and opening buds whirl through my head,
As I snuggle down in my warm downy bed.

Soon the calendar pages will reveal the time is near,
And the return of spring that I hold so dear.

Yes, it will return when the time is right.
Until then, Iíll dream with all my might.





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