One day I took a trip out of my home town,
Came to a small town, to me was unknown.
There a flea market carnival, lots of people,
Talking, walking, looking around as a whole.

I glanced here and there for one I knew,
I saw a park bench in a circle, painted anew,
I sat alone on it with my thoughts astray,
Need to go to find a new place to stay.

By a time some came to this site to rest,
Among them a man sure looking his best,
Asked if the seat next to me was taken.
Got into a conversation and talked away.

I wanted to know directions for my way,
Come with me for dinner and I got taken.
Time to go, keep in touch a kiss goodbye,
Saw one another, days and years gone by.

Love for one another grew stronger yet,
Then started to lessen, not know a reason,
Try keep in touch and wonder as a lesson.
Come sad days and hurt, too much to bear,
Try to hope for a happiness to appear.

It is not something you can forget soon,
My heart, still with love, I was led on.
As days went by, no choice, but to forget,
Thought put his picture away, no view get.

Went through a trying time, me not think,
Days start to pass by faster, with no link.
Kept busy my mind and heart got lighter,
Came home one day to see message there.

I came here, you not there, his name, too.
P.S. Will be back later and try calling you.
Ah, surprise, my mind and heart in delight,
A special day coming, see what Cupid did,
Bring my love back to me or not, I will see.

Happy Valentine to all you out there be.



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