Are you listening, can you hear,
Oh my love, over there.
The cold winds have taken you away,
Oh how I miss you every day.

Rock solid, standing tall,
You gave me your love,
Your very all,
Your special smile.

But the ravages and scourge of life,
Tore you from me, took your life.
Now I sit here all alone,
With only your memories to hold.

We laughed, we loved,
We were one,
Through the hard and lean years,
You were the rock of my salvation.

When times smiled on us
You were so proud of me,
You were my love, my only one,
As we watched the midnight sun.

Now you are gone in body,
But your spirit I will not surrender,
My, how I do miss you,
Soon, soon we will be together.

By TomWyo (





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