Oft times so soft, more often, loud, to all
The colors of my world will whisper, shout
Just who I am to all who look to see
And all the world can hear what I'm about

Some days are red with brilliant orange hues,
Alive, exciting, telling far and near -
Those times when I, more live than ever, then
Am shouting loudly, "Hello, World! I'm here!"

Comes green, with yellow's ever golden touch
And easy-going days that smoothly run
When green and gold are mine, I mellow, too
I'm (In my way) as flower in the sun

My world is on the go in pleasant times
When blessed with bright and happy shades of blue
For all is right and everything is good,
Those times, for all to see, in brilliant hue

And indigo is love! No shade can match
The power of the feeling of its tone,
As deep as deep can be - no pastel here -
One cannot live, with indigo, alone!

When royal purple comes in view, it brings
A special meaning to my life - so rare -
When life means so much more to me and mine
With feelings, deep and full, abiding there

Now black is only of the night to me,
Naught sinister in darkness ever seen -
For rest has come, and life will pause a while,
And all is calm, and peaceful, and serene



By Bob (C1ydeBunky@aol.com)


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