All He Got Me Was A Card!

By Swampetta (

He sent me a card covered with lace,
And I threw it back in his face!
Whispered sweet nothings in my ear,
I told him he could kiss my rear!

He shouldn't have made me wait,
Two weeks past our anniversary date!
He said , "I'll never make that mistake again."
I tossed him on the porch in the rain!

You'd think by now he'd have a clue?
And by now, the day he'll rue.
Yeah, I know that times are hard...
But all he got me was a CARD!




Wedded Bliss

By Frannie (

Twenty-five weeks of wedded bliss
Always ready to hug and kiss
Old age love is sweet and fiery
Hope the kids don't find my diary.

It took 69 years to find your love
Surely it was sent from heaven above
Kiss me sweet and hug me strong
This is the end of my Valentine song.

Happy Valentine's Day. Ah luvs yuh, hunny.




Antique Wife
By Sharon (

It seems like only yesterday
That you came into my life
Now you are a very old man
And I am your antique old wife
Happy Valentines Day




Valentine, Where Art Thou?
By Phyllis Ann (

Have to get some fuel today,
Before my discount goes away.

Never mind the blowing rain,
Or the freezing hands trying to swipe the card in vain.

Pump the gasoline I must,
As under my breath I cuss.

Glasses fogged and spotted with rain;
My fingers are white and wracked with pain.

No one to help on this bad weather day,
In the warm, dry house, hubby did stay.

What I would do to save 10 cents on the gallon before Sunday comes on the morrow,
Is enough to give me acid reflux and sorrow.

Valentine where forth art thou on this frigid day?
For your services I would gladly pay.





Be My Valentine By Lilly (

Roses are oh so red,
Violets are true blue,
Candy hearts so sweet,
One says you are too.
In the bunch of them,
Lovers walk down path,
Moon and stars aglow,
He gave her a red rose.
They look at each other,
That shows much care,
In thoughts not sure,
Of true love or a game.
They embrace tenderly,
Hug and kisses so real,
Did not want to let go,
Both say I love you so.
A lovely night we have,
All ours to behold now,
Will you be my Valentine?




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