Twas the fourth of September when we met,
I bumped into you in the grocery store,
Then as we went to produce,
I picked up the orange you dropped.

I doffed my hat and I did smile,
You winked and smiled back at me.
My heart jumped through my hat,
For you did affect me like that.

I carried your groceries to your car,
And did ask if a coffee we could have,
Instead, we went to the park,
Walked along and talked about clouds.

You had a light switch that did not work,
So I volunteered to replace it, right then.
I followed you home,
Then knocked on the back door.

I fixed the switch and replaced some bulbs,
Then a cuppa you did offer me,
As we sat, I looked into your eyes,
And my heart went pitty-pat.

I placed my hand on yours, I did,
And we sat, just grinning at each other,
I arose and as I headed outside,
I leaned over and lightly kissed your cheek.

You asked me back to fix a shade,
One in the back bedroom.
After I rewound the spring,
We fell on the bed, you in my arms.

I hugged you tightly as I tasted your lips,
Felt your body so close to me.
Then as our lips did seal,
The telephone rang and you sent me home.

When will, or can I see you again?
When will you let me hold you in my arms?
When can your sweet lips I taste?
When can I be close?

Love is fickle and love is strange,
But I met you in the grocery store.
Seems like it was just yesterday,
But it was five years today.

By Tom (





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