Some people trip on their own heart,
And then they fall in love.
Other people need a gentle start,
Or a downright healthy shove.

When I met you my head took a spin.
My brain turned to butter.
“Love!” I said, “It’s what I’m in!”
My heart began to flutter.

I yearned for you, both day and night.
Breathing was a chore.
I wanted to keep you in my sight,
But all you did was snore.

I sang for you, you barely grunted.
You blinked your eyes at me.
I was the predator, you the hunted.
But then I set you free.

I turned my back, as you stood there.
As I waved to you, Good-Bye.
Walking away, without a care
Laughing, when I wanted to cry.

Hid from you for many a day.
My heart was really broken.
That was the price to pay,
Never again, was your name spoken.

These days, you’re chasing me
You see what you have lost.
But I find I like being free,
So you can go get lost!

© By Swampetta (





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