© By Swampetta (

Here we are in Winter deep!
Bears and turtles went to sleep.
Outside the door to my little hovel
The snow's so high I need a shovel.
If I went skiing, thrilled I'd be.
But I don't, so pity me.
Soon comes Spring, knocks at the door.
Winter ends, don't want no more.
You know I won't even shed a tear
To see the LAST snowflake of the year!




© By Tom (

I stood agape
As I saw them come down,
I stood a watching,
Wondering if I could catch one.

A piece of black felt
I held in my hand,
Running about trying to catch one,
As if a child I was again.

One large snowflake,
As it did waft down,
One large snowflake
Did land on my hand.

I pulled it close,
I studied it hard,
But another snowflake
Did on my glasses land.

I wiped my glasses
And at my snowflake looked,
Studied it intently
Before into the gate I walked.

I picked my self up,
My glasses I did clean,
As another snowflake
I did try to catch.

Two large ones
Upon my cloth did land
As I grinned in joy
And studied them so hard.

But alas, this time,
Into the barn I walked
Busted my glasses
And got a bloody nose.

So I stopped snowflake
Studying I did.
I just looked into the air
And grinned at them.



Snowflake © By Sharon (

Snowflake my pet bunny
Ears and tail so funny
Then one day
He ran away
got eaten by a coyote and was done-e



The White Horse © By Norma (

I am Snowflake,
A handsome steed.
I have carried kings in battle,
And Lady Godiva through the street.

I've run with herds of mustangs,
Pranced in Arabia, too,
Played a ghost in movies,
And herded cattle moos.

Indians killed a father
A widow alone with three
Drove a wagon to Texas
All because of me.

A coveted stallion am I,
Ride history's mounts and plains,
Loved and cherished eternally.
Snowflake is my name.



Flo the Flake © By RickMack (

The Browns were busy loading the car, as a light snowfall began. Marge looked skyward and remarked. “Perfect. There’s nothing like snow to remind me how lucky we are to be headed for Florida, leaving winter in New England far behind.”

Fred replied, “Fine. I don’t mind a light dusting as a sendoff, but we may be running into a blizzard as we drive south. The forecast is for heavy snow in the New York area, clear down to Virginia.” He, too, stared at the gray sky for a moment.

The last thing that they would load into the car would be the cooler chest that was now sitting on the porch, with the lid wide open. It was their practice to load it with ice, soft drinks, cold cuts and medicine that required refrigeration. They kept it handy on the floor behind the driver seat. Just as Fred climbed the steps to get the chest, a snowflake drifted lazily down to settle on top of a package of smoked ham inside the cooler. Fred shut the chest and carried it to the car. In a couple of minutes the Browns were on their way. A grueling three day drive would find them in Fort Lauderdale, where the retired couple owned a two bedroom condo on a serene and lovely bay. This trip was routine for the Browns, as they had been snowbirds for the past seven years, enjoying the best of two climates, and sharing friends at both ends of their journeys.

However, the unexpected detour was hardly routine for Flo the flake. This would be her first and only trip to Earth, and she had heard stories of the wonderful winter she could expect on the planet. Ever since she had been a tiny drop of water icing up in the stratosphere, the other fully formed snowflakes had raved about their joining other flakes in drifts, where they could spend the winter. Or perhaps they would take residence on a rooftop, far from the chimney, of course.

But this! To be imprisoned immediately on landing was quite a surprise to the fully bewildered snowflake. Flo had heard no stories about this sort of thing happening to any other flake. In the darkness, Flo had no idea of her surroundings. She asked, “Is anyone here?” She received no reply, but tried again several more times, each effort saddening her further. She was alone. There was a sense of movement, however, and she decided there was nothing else to do but wait and see what else might happen.

It was a long wait before the lid was briefly raised, when a hand snatched two cans from the chest, and slammed the cover shut again. The sudden brightening of her prison allowed Flo to take quick inventory. Clearly, there were no other flakes nearby. There was a coating of frost along the inside edges of the chest that made her feel a bit more at ease. Flo sighed, wondering what would become of her.

Several more times the chest was opened for a moment and something or other was taken from it. The package of cellophane-wrapped smoked ham was jostled aside, and Flo found herself sliding onto the top of a Dr. Pepper can. The cold metal felt better than did the cellophane, and soon Flo was fast asleep. She dreamed of being part of a four inch fringe of snow along the top of a fence beside a country road. It was a white picket fence, and beyond it she could see the lights in the window of a farmhouse. There was a colorful wreath hanging on the front door, with a huge red bow wired to its pine branches. This was exactly the sort of thing that she had expected to see, but in real life, not in a dream. Flo woke in frustration, drawing her pentagon shaped body up tightly, and then flexing her lace-like appendages, until two hung dejectedly over the side of the Dr. Pepper can.

Fortunately for Flo, the Browns made a point of refilling the cooler chest with ice each morning, before they left a motel. First, they opened the spigot at the bottom of the cooler and drained out the water that had melted from the previous load of ice. Each time this happened, Flo was nearly frightened out of her wits. Somehow, she managed to remain whole and solid until the lid was again shut. Then, she’d cling to the Dr. Pepper can like it was all that remained between her and liquidity, which, if fact, was quite true.

Eventually, the Browns reached their tropical destination, and they began to unload the car. For sometime, Flo heard the car doors being opened and shut, while bags, boxes and belongings were removed by Fred Brown. Last to leave the car was the cooler chest. Flo gripped the Dr. Pepper can tightly. It was one of only two cans still in the chest, and had tipped over a short time earlier, forcing Flo to shape herself to the rounded side. Beneath her she could sense a pool of melted ice, and she hung on for her life. The chest was dropped onto the driveway of the condominium, and Fred opened the spigot to drain out the water. He could see no sense in carrying that extra weight into the condo.

When Fred reached the open lanai at the rear of the condo, he set the cooler chest on the terra cota tiled floor and went into the kitchen. The sun had risen to it’s high noon position by then, and a brilliant ray fell directly on top of the cooler. Inside, where there was no ice remaining, Flo sensed disaster. So tuned to the cold was her fragile body that a drop of two degrees in temperature was of great concern to the small snowflake.

It’s a great shame that neither of the Browns came to retrieve the remaining food from the cooler before morning, because Flo would have loved to learn that she was the first snowflake to visit southern Florida. She would have been amazed to see the green palm trees swaying along side of the turquoise bay. The spigot had been left open, however, so Flo did manage to Flo onto the extremely warm tile floor. Her trip was over.




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