When the soul is quiet
and the night is night.

When the air is frigid
and my breath just might
explode in contempt!

When the moon is full
and I see its light
shining through
a thick blanket of blue sky,
I close my eyes
and then breathe
gently in the
web of her demeanor.

Intensely I hear music
in her silence,
melodious notes of affection
that make me stand at attention
while I wait in line
to dance with her,
slowly and softly,
wrapped in her smile.

I find the refuge to think
as much as ignore why

I'm compelled to keep on dancing
on the floor of our verse.

Heavenly magical moment,
making contact eye to eye
we unconsciously embrace
and I lose sight
of my space
when the soul is quiet

and the night is night.

By Emiliano (Poeta48@aol.com)




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