Valentineís Day is on the way,
And my heart is all aflutter.
I really mean it when I say,
I want your love and no udder.



On bended knee, I make my plea,
For I am not too proud to beg.
Please send your valentine to me,
So I can get up off this leg.


I mean it with all of my heart,
When I say my true love is you,
And Cupid will sink a sharp dart,
If I get your valentine, too.


On Valentineís Day, please recall,
Despite all the cards you may get,
Itís I who loves you most of all,
And you wonít do better, I bet.


A valentineís card Iím sending,
The biggest youíve ever seen,
With a love verse thatís unending,
Yet, it canít say all that I mean.



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