You fill my body with warm desire,
You do it with that lovely smile.
You make me feel so young and spry,
Oh it is you I idolize.

The radiance of your early morning smile,
Can be seen for over a mile,
It dulls the rising sun,
You are my only light.

Your cheeks so rosy,
Your smile so caring,
Making me float and oh so daring,
You are a wonder to me.

When we walk, and as I hold your hand,
In my head I hear a marching band.
You will be to me, oh what a joy,
You make me feel I am leading the parade.

You are my heart's desire,
My one and only shining light.
You pick me up when I am down,
Your love is like a Roman Candle.

Do not leave me, stay right here,
You are my love, my only dear.
Stay with me as we move through life,
For with you it will be a glorious trip.

By Tom (





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