If you listen very carefully in the Irish evening air
You may hear the strangest rhythm in the land
There's a humming and a throbbing, and a singing every where
It's the music of the Gaelic Fairy Band

Flynn O'Finnigan, the leprechaun, is thumping on his drum
And his pounding has this prehistoric beat
It will pluck and pull your heartstrings till your brain is cold and numb
But that still won't stop the dancing in your feet

Then there's twenty fairy fiddlers, their music loud and shrill
With a sound that sets your very soul on fire
They will keep your arteries racing, and your fingers can't sit still
As the volume and the tempo climb up higher

Now the elves begin to harmonise with magic silver flutes
Though they keep themselves away from human sight
And that wilful, wanton wailing reaches down into your boots
So you'll dance away each hour throughout the night

They're preparing for the party that will celebrate the day
When the bombings and the killings have to end
When the troubles are all over and an Irishman can say
That an Irishman is everybody's friend

Let us pray the truce is settled and that peace can have its chance
Don't you think that life in Ireland will be grand
When we're free from all the slaughter and we join in the dance
Of a feisty, fairy, Irish Gaelic Band

By Thomas Vaughan Jones (TVaughanJones@aol.com)





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