A sixteen-year old kid I was, when first I got the call
To offer me a railroad job (if I could handle all)--
I'd be a crew dispatcher, have to work and study, too,
And do a job that before that they'd had a man to do.

The locomotives, steam they were, each fascinating demon,
I fell in love with railroading as long as they were steamin'!
It's said that it gets in your blood, that you can't live without it
I have to say that I agree, there is no doubt about it!

I loved the job, I did the job, I learned about seniorities -
I learned some ways to budget time, determining priorities.
I moved up to a baggage job; I did some work with freight --
I got to handle passengers, and tickets -- that's first rate!

In that eight years I moved on up, I clerked for the yard master.
I earned degree in music, though that wouldn't move me faster.
I realized the railroad would no longer be far-reaching,
I left to start a new career. That's why I went to teaching!

By Bob (C1ydeBunky@aol.com)




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