Isnít it great, how they stick out,
Shaping those unique cup-like forms,
Able to capture whisper or shout,
Tuned to calls for help, or alarms.

And the way they hold oneís glasses up,
Is simply astounding, as well.
Merely hook them outside of the cup -
I know of none that slipped off and fell.

Some ears, of course, stick out way too far,
And can be a source of ridicule,
Yet, on Clark Gable, they didnít mar
His looks. Females over him would drool.

If you donít like how an ear appears,
You can tape it back, in bed at night,
Until you are content with your ears,
And they match perfectly, left and right.

Lobes are a handy place, we know,
For piercing, to dangle earrings.
Behind the ears, pencils can go,
Ears are good for so many things.

Of course, some problems can arise,
Like wax, or a painful ear ache.
Cleaning with cuetips isnít wise -
Might burst an eardrum by mistake.

Tinnitus is a nuisance, too,
Brought on by exposure to noise.
Thereís nothing can be done for you.
Ceaseless ringing really annoys.

Without them where would we put the muffs?
Or learn what loud kids we were rearing?.
Well, about ears, guess Iíve said enough,
But they certainly improve hearing.

© By RickMack (



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