One afternoon I was caught in a summer storm
and knelt in the shallow ravine as lightning flashed
and thunder rolled low overhead. Then the wind rose
and the sound of tree limbs splitting was like that
of silk being ripped before they crashed to the ground.
Marble-sized hail began pummeling my bare head
and I was frightened. Then as quickly as it had begun
the storm passed, and patches of blue sky appeared
above me and to the west; while a fine gray veil moved
eastward. The thunder softened; the rain gentled in the distance;
the danger had passed. Soaked and shivering, I stood. As the
sun warmed and calmed, I closed my eyes and connected.
When I finally opened them, I saw it: an arch of colors
reflected, refracted, and dispersed by a power
so immense and intense none could look upon it.
Transfixed, I stood; knew I had only glimpsed
the far grander and more wondrous wonder that awaited;
though I had yet a distance to go.



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