St. Patrick where are you this year
There's been no rainbows this I fear
No rain to help spring plants to grow
In the mountains just a tad snow

Here in my local area
Where are the rain and rainbows huh
How can I find that pot of gold
The one of Leprechauns that's told

If there is no rain in this year
What will make the clouds to tear
No rainbows in our clear blues sky
No pot of gold for such as I

The flowers struggle from the thirst
Dry earth looks as it just might burst
St. Patrick where are you my friend
Could it be true the green shall end

The rainbow with its colors bright
Hidden from view nowhere in sight
No pot of gold at end for me
The land is dry far as I see

If green is gone oh woe are we
No rain or rainbows do we see
I cannot search for pot of gold
This drought is growing very old

By Sharon (






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