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Compose a poem, or write a story. Maybe you'll want to write about a grandchild's experience with teeter-totters.

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A day playing in the park
Having fun with my friend Mark
He on the end of see-saw
I went up afraid to fall

Mark sat there with a big grin
Wouldn't let me down again
I started in to cry loud
gathering near a large crowd

All shouting bully at Mark
My mother told me to hark
Lifting me off the see-saw
Still I continued to bawl

Stop crying child she pleaded
Your tears now are not needed
Oh yes mother woe is me
In my panties I did pee

© By Suny (

Summer time oh summer time,
Grass is green,
Corn is tall and tasseled,
Lemonade and teeter-totters

Grass is worn beneath the see-saw
Takes four of us to off set momma.
Fried chicken, potato salad,
Horse shoes and croquet

Games of tag, sack races,
Church picnic on the Sabbath.
Home made ice cream
under the trees.

Some peach and apricot,
home made is so good,
A Sunday picnic it is,
Family and community all are here.

© By Tom (

Up the street, in the playground
You'd see children running around.
Laughing, yelling, chasing each other.
Baseball, glove , bat and your brother.

The swings are flying in the sky,
If I stand on one, will you try?
We'll try the "Go-Around" if you run.
This place is filled with joy and fun.

Up the ladder and down the slide.
Your turn to seek while I try to hide.
WAIT! Look over there! There's one free!
The Teeter-Totter for you and me.

Oh, this is the one I really like.
As much fun as a two-wheel bike.
You take this side and I'll take that.
Here we go! Hold on to your hat!

You sit down and I go up straight!
Uh-Oh! I think I see my fate....
In the air, I'm just dangling.
Holding it like a bull I'm wrangling!

This was not a good ride dear!
Hanging up in space, I fear!
We just proved we're not a good mix.
'Cause you are 12 and I'm only 6.

© By Swampetta (

Teeter-totters are lots of fun,
Even when he's seventy and you're sixty one.
A stroll in the park, it was almost dark,
He said "Shall we?", I said "You're on".

The sun had gone down, no kiddies in sight,
Him in his Sunday best, me wearing white.
He straddled his end, I straddled mine,
His end lowered, sent mine sky high.

Up, down, up, down. He laughed, I rolled my eyes,
Up, down, up, down. He loosened his collar, I loosened my hair.
Up, down, up, down. The street lights came on, I didn't care,
Up, down, up, down. His hair was wet, my skirt had a tear.

A policeman strolled up, announced the park would soon close,
"Too bad," we said, and the teeter-totter slowed.
One more time, we said, one more up and down,

He walked me home, we kissed goodnight,
Again next week? I nodded all right.
I went to bed, with my heart full of him,
He was my soulmate, my teeter-totter Jim.

© By Marilyn (

Ah, yes, I do recall the teeter-totter at the playground. I think we called it the see-saw back in Brooklyn in the 1940s. I loved going to the playground. I loved the swings, slides and monkey bars--but the see-saw was not one of my favorites.

I was a skinny and scrawney little girl back then and all my friends were much heavier. They would get on first and then manage to lower my end so that I could hop on. I had to do it quickly or miss my chance. Once I managed to get on, I quickly flew up into the air because I didn't have much weight. My heavier friends would push up so that I could touch ground again, usually with a very hard bump. No, playing on the see-saw was not my favorite way to spend time at the playground.

© By Frannie (

We had moved back to PA from MD, and Joy started first grade. The third day of school the teacher called. As she was helping Joy off the school bus, Joy had hit her head and needed to be checked. Immediately I replied for her not to put her on the afternoon bus, I would come for her.

So I picked her up and took her to the closest doctor. Doctor thought she had a concussion. It had come from being hit on the head with a teeter-totter. Another child got off while Joy was in the air and Joy had fallen off. The teeter- totter had come down and hit her on top of the head.

So we took Joy to the hospital for a three day stay.

The third day I went to pick Joy up and a nurse stopped me. The nurse said the doctor had left a note on Joy's chart saying that I needed to talk to him before he would discharge her.

He was a nice young doctor. He asked me a couple of general questions about Joy then he said does she talk in her sleep?

Ha Ha I said. She and her sister hold sleeping conversations.

About, he asks?

Mostly about horses and dogs I reply.

Thank goodness, he says. Go ahead, you can take her home.

I asked about his questions and he said Joy had sat straight up in bed and told a long tale about horses. Then she had laid back down and gone to sleep. lol She had been asleep the whole time.

© By Brier (

Going Ape!

The local Burger King has no clown,
No, that clever gimmick isn’t theirs.
They only give out a cardboard crown
That disappointed kids leave on the chairs.

A crummy crown! Can you imagine?
Big deal! So is it any wonder
McDonalds has a much bigger line,
And always steals Burger King’s thunder?

Oh yes, of course, they both do dispense
Those little movable plastic toys,
But it makes a lot more fiscal sense
To really impress those girls and boys.

So, my best advice to Burger King,
If they even expect to compete,
Is to get a more colossal thing
Than that of the place just up the street.

Now this is only a suggestion,
Because you are doing it all wrong.
I ask, would kids get indigestion
If they could sit right next to King Kong?

Gosh, maybe he could even hold them,
If hairy arms were folded just so,
Kind of a warm hug to enfold ‘em,
Like he was never to let them go.

Children would just love it, I’m certain -
This massive ape, fully eight feet high.
And McDonald’s trade would be hurtin’
With that ridiculous clownish guy.

Big Macs, I fear would not be selling,
All those Happy Meals would be forgot,
While Burger King kids would be yelling
For Gorilla Burgers, would they not?


An added note: Rick informs me that Burger King does have see-saws. LOL

© By RickMack (




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