Soft And Cuddly

© By Frannie (

Twenty teddy bears in my collection
One or two I'd take to bed
Soft and furry, they comforted me
Then I got a cat instead.

Furry and warm was my kittycat
Cold and wet was his nose
His purring vibrated through the night
In the morning he'd nip my toes.

I traded in the kittycat
And got a real live man
He really is the best of the lot
Though he wasn't in my plan.



Warm And Cuddly

© By RickMack (

For seventy years he’d had that old bear,
Raggedy now, with a moth-eated nose.
His massive maple bed the bear did share -
The last thing he’d see when his eyes would close.

A gift from his mother when he was four,
And afraid to sleep without any lights.
He insisted that she not shut the door,
For he would see monsters in the dark nights.

“This bear will protect you from harm,” she said.
The four year old believed every word,
Cuddling the bear, warm and safe in his bed,
Nary a monster to be seen or heard.

It no longer mattered if lights were out,
As the boy squeezed the bear to him tightly.
Evil monsters wouldn’t dare lurk about,
When his companion slept with him nightly.

Five wives this fellow divorced through the years,
For not a single one could understand,
That the bear must be there to quell his fears.
Cuddling with women he’d never planned!



Warm And Cuddly
© By Sharon (

Warm fuzzy cuddly blanket
A good book to read in my hand
Or staring out of the window
Watching small quail wander the land

Grandchild telling me I am loved
And giving a hug just for me
Soft fuzzy slippers on my feet
Puff clouds as far as I can see

Hot chocolate on a cold morning
A phone call from someone I love
These are a few of my warm things
The cuddly things mentioned above

Comfort foods that I shouldn't eat
But sometimes I just can't resist
But mostly what warms up my heart
Is my good husband's loving kiss



Warm And Cuddly

© By Swampetta (

I didn't have a 'blankie'
I didn't have a bear.
But I had a Granma
And she was always there.

When I was sick and cranky
And wouldn't take a nap.
She'd sit in the rocking chair
and hold me in her lap.

Different songs she'd sing to me
And hold me snug and tight
Sometimes we'd both be snoring
In that chair, throughout the night.

My Mom said she spoiled me so,
A Princess I sure thought I was
But Mom also cuddled me a lot,
As good as Granma does!

On Daddy's lap I'd sit and laugh
The Lone Ranger filled me with glee.
I'd ride with Tonto on my horse,,,
That was my Daddy's knee.

They've been gone for many years
Memories keep me cuddly and warm
They still kiss and dry my tears
And protect me from the storm.



Warm And Cuddly

© By Tom (

“Martha, Martha where is Sam,” Clete Dorkington asked his wife as she packed to go to the hospital for a two day stay. “Martha, you know I cannot sleep if you are gone unless I have Sam,” the very large man told his demure wife.

“I just don’t know about you, you are such a big baby, such a little boy even though you are as big as the house,” Martha replied. She carefully folded the light blue blanket and placed it in her small bag. She saw her husband looking at her and with a somewhat red face added, “Well you know I need to fix the fraying edges of my blankie, er ah, fix these frayed edges and while I am there in the hospital I will have time.”

Both gray-haired seniors looked at each other and laughed. “Honey after all these years if I don’t have my warm and cuddly you, I do not sleep well, you know that,” the man said.

She smiled. “Yes dear, I am the same way, so Sam is under your pillow.”

Clete picked up his wife’s bag and then checked his watch. It was not a real complicated procedure but Martha would be required to remain two nights. A new thumb and the replacement of some broken parts of her new knee which she broke by falling on the ice. A two-fer Doc Jim had called it.

As they drove the hundred miles to the Center, the two talked and laughed about having to be warm and cuddly to sleep. Martha looked at her husband, “You know I hate it when I have to sleep with a gown on. I like the way we sleep for it is so much warmer and close.”

Clete grinned. “Yep, togetherness I call it, and I seem to be in four sacks when I have to wear jimmies.” He knew he would stay at the hospital until his wife was ready to come home, sleeping in the chair or in the waiting room. After 54 years, that was the way it was.




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