This is the tale of a Mad March hare
who felt the urge of Spring
He fell in love with a maiden fair
Because he heard her sing

She smiled on him so sweetly
and offered him a flower
So when she kissed him on the cheek
he yielded to her power.

Then in the heat of Summer
she said she had to leave
His little heart was broken
for he’d pinned it to his sleeve

He said he’d learned his lesson.
The next time, he co-habits
he’ll stay away from fickle maids
and find some pretty rabbits.

Soon Winter followed Autumn.
The days grew dark and cold
He was a him, and he longed for
a little hare to hold.

At last in desperation
our hero went quite funny
He found a friend called Warren,
a beautiful boy bunny.

They set up house together
beneath a willow tree
No matter what the weather
they’re happy as can be

They live there quite contented
fulfilling all their wishes
The hare does all the cooking
and young Warren does the dishes

© By Thomas Vaughan Jones (



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