I looked up at the moon tonight.
It smiled back at me.
A big smile, shining bright,
In the sky for all to see.

Rather amused, I think it was.
That smile you see before it laughed.
Outlined in a gentle fuzz.
A Cheshire Cat, looking daft.

I watched and then heard giggling!
Seems to be coming from the sky.
Then I swear, the edges wiggling,
I even think I heard it sigh.

I spoke to it with quiet words,
“Oh Mother Moon, what strikes you funny?
Is that giggling from the birds?”
Looking for a day that’s sunny?”

She grinned even harder then,
Saying, “I think tomorrow you will know.
Look to the clouds coming when,
You first spot the flakes of snow!”

Well, that explains the crescent grin
The moon has on tonight.
Another trick, we cannot win!
And tomorrow will be white.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)



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