Wear your deepest purple, dear.
A dress the color of the dusky sky.
As evening closes and the night draws near,
We will join together, you and I.

You know our love is not the kind
We can flaunt in sunís bright rays.
This deep devotion no where else youíll find
And this is one of the darker ways.

Soon the purple shades to black.
Youíll be in my heart and soul forever.
There will be no going back
As our ties to sullen earth we sever.

You and I will leave this place
And live in a different land.
Other memories we must erase
Walking seawards, on stygian sand.

Gather up your amethyst cloak,
And take my cold, dead fingers.
The sun is meant for other folk
Where none of our kind lingers.

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)




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