The Wind

© By RickMack (

Today, fresh wind clears the air,
Humid days are gone at last,
Fronds rustle everywhere,
As palms brace against each blast.

No birds taking to the sky,
The lake, with whitecaps is wild,
Leaves and debris start to fly,
Form the spot where they were piled.

Suddenly, it starts to rain,
Huge drops, a steady downpour,
As drumbeats sound from each drain,
Until spouts can hold no more.

Puddles pooling in the grass,
At the corners of each wall.
We expect the squall will pass;
But rain continues to fall.

Soon the lake will overflow,
To flood my expensive lawn.
While fiercer yet, wild winds blow,
As dark clouds obscure the dawn.

Both the wind and rain combine,
To cloak the world in a blur,
As I turn on Channel Nine,
To the newscast I prefer.

Then, it comes as no surprise,
To hear the weatherman say
That viewers should watch the sky,
For tornadoes on the way.



The Wind

© By Tom (

The wind, you dare ask about the wind? “Shucks the wind don’t blow much in Wyoming, heck, well . . . we don’t pay it no never mind unless it is blowing over semis on the Interstate and unless we see them skinny folks toting two cinderblocks.

The front page of the paper showed a man with a chain saw cutting up a large cedar tree that had been blown over yesterday, it was in someone’s front yard. I used to say that the nice thing about the wind was that insured we had the cleanest air around; but dang this winter it has blown so much, so long and so intense I am thinking now that the man up above thinks we are going to smoke so he is trying to blow out all of the matches.

I was out in the shed yesterday doing some soldering, had the radio on the Classical music station I did. But the wind was blowing so hard, blowing tree limbs against the shed and it was rattling the roof and side so much, I just stopped early. When you have a hard time hearing the radio it is bad. I have four speakers, one in each corner of the building just below the rafters so I have an adequate audio supply, but the wind negated it. Hmmmm decibels for wind noise? He hee

I have wanted a hang glider but shucks if I got it up, the wife would have to come to central Nebraska or SE Colorado to pick me up every time I flew it and she does not care to traipse around like that.

The winds here this winter caused by high pressure systems have dampened the snow so not only are we dry as heck but the dry soil just blows away. The way it is going the dust bowl of some years back will soon overtake us here.

You know, I think I will write a story about Tex and Kate that skinny couple that lives over on Brimmer’s knob, about how they went out in the yard, the wind caught them and where they ended up. Hmmmm. Have a nice day.



The Wind
© By Sharon (

Blowing from the eastern sky
Wild is the wind
Birds above struggle to fly
Wild is the wind

Waves dash against rocky shore
Wild is the wind
Trash from all over does soar
Wild is the wind

Someone made a pot of beans
Wild is the wind
Noise and odor but not seen
Wild is the wind

Kites race left and then to right
Wild is the wind
Break from string gone out of sight
Wild is the wind

Leaves blowing about the yard
Wild is the wind
Boats fighting waves very hard
Wild is the wind



The Wind

© By Norma (

The wind blows wild in west Texas,
Dirt devils swirl on the streets,
Tumble weeds roll,
In tandem with wild thunder.

It is a fearsome wind in spring,
Could possibly bring tornado time,
From green circling clouds,
Bordering deceptive gold.

The wind blows wild in west Texas!


You old mysterious breath of the gods,
Blowing where you will,
And if I could live my life again,
Would take all my hurts and ills,
And throw them on your blowing back,
To ride away to your hiding place,
And I would remain in laughter.



The Wind

© By Frannie (

There's a gentle wind blowing the trees in Georgia
Sweeping down across the hills
The daffodils and the pear tree are blooming
Nothing refreshes like soft spring rain.

The sun is setting later in Georgia
Its golden rays brighten the supper table
The grass is growing softer and greener
The hummingbirds will return.

The air is smelling warmer in Georgia
The wind swishes everything clean
Blowing away the dead leaves of autumn
Spring arrives at last.



The Wind

© By Phyllis Ann (

Is it spring in Tennessee?
The Bradford Pears are in bloom I see.

The buttercups are like yellow sunshine down every street.
The wind is blowing gustily as if spring to greet.

Ornamental cherry blossoms can be seen around town,
And Canadian geese can be heard as northward they're bound.

The signs of spring are on the horizon for sure.
Sleeveless folks don shorts & have taken the lure.

The 20th is the official day on the calendar ‘tis true,
But it will be twenty-eight degrees on the fourth, and they'll be blue.

However, a warm up is on the way,
And we will again have a lovely spring day.




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