Watching the newlyweds in love became a pastime of mine. We were on vacation, and as I lounged around I became aware of them. The lovely pair in their first days of marriage. Him ordering her food for her, opening doors, and watching her every step. She is ever careful of him and his things. She bought him a shirt like the one he wears, so careful not to make a mistake. I think wait a few years and he will be glad to wear whatever she buys. The same with her: the door thing and watching her every move thing. It won't last. Time takes from love the niceties it first has. If only time were not so greedy, grabbing up the days. The years.

Well, I wondered in five years if we were all here vacationing here would I find them as pleasant. Or would time take its toll and all the pleasant things be gone. Would they smile so much and not watch each other so often? Would he not order for her and they kiss as much? Kissing, although secretly, I saw, others did too. We smiled knowingly at each other. We, the old marrieds. We knew. We who had been through the wars, I thought, smiling to myself. Ok, if not five years then ten years. By then things will change. I was sure, we old marrieds know these things. The warm fuzzies came over me. I let my hubby chose my food and order for me. As we left he opened the car door for me. Wow! He had been watching them too. As he drives us home we both are smiling with little to say. It was a wonderful night.

By Brier (




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