Easter Morn dawned in glory,
Mom hid eggs for the kiddies
Reliving the age old stories,
Tradition, new life, all the biggies.

Hid them again all round the yard,
Under the bushes, house and trees,
Soon Felix the cat went missing,
Had he hidden for some strange disease?

Felix, Felix called all the family,
No reply or sign of fur,
How could he hide so thoroughly,
He must have chased a "her."

But one rainy morn little noses,
Were drearily looking out the glass
When they saw five baby chicks round circling,
Right under the window did they pass!

Excitement from all was deafening,
Mom went to the yard with a box,
We have to save those little chickens,
And she lined it warm with old socks.

Safely in the kitchen they were settled,
When they heard a scratch at the door,
Felix was trying to tell them
He had sat on the eggs under the floor.

Then it was Mom remembered,
She used the wrong batch of eggs,
They had the boiled ones for lunch,
The fresh ones had now grown their legs.

There's a new Easter family living,
Mother Felix's mews sound like clucks,
All's well that ends well it's decided,
They could have all been big ducks.


By Norma (Twi1ite@sbcglobal.net)



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