China Cups and Saucers

By Phyllis Ann (

Did you ever feel better just drinking from a china cup?
It matters not what beverage you might 'sup.

I had an Aunt who believed it to be true.
She had various odd pieces of china from which she drew.

The patterns were lovely and the quality good.
We drank in elegance whenever we could.

They were odds and ends from various department store sales.
Nothing compared to homemade cookies on the saucers with chatter and fanciful tales.

Sitting at the dining room table with beautiful china cups and saucers, Made us feel like princesses and not paupers.



China Cups and Mugs

By Norma (

Who knows when mugs came to be,
In the work place probably,
A smoke and a coffee gradually allowed,
And mugs were easier to carry.

At our childhood house, however,
It was perked coffee all the way,
My father drank hundreds of cups,
Saucers always at the table in his later days.

I learned to drink coffee while flirting,
Taking paperwork to warehouse guys,
Sneaking a cup of black java,
Away from my boss's eyes.

Coffee's still our preference
in little yellow mugs,
They match the breakfast set,
And feel like happy hugs.

But when I want to feel like a lady,
And reward me for staying on a diet,
It's a beautiful china cup and saucer,
Earl Grey, peppermint, one cookie, chocolette.



By Tom (

China cup, china saucer,
handle broken, doesn't matter,
saucer chipped, who cares,
it is in front of grandma's chair.

Old Spode china it does be,
just three cups and
four saucers.
All chipped, handles broke,
but they are part of
the family heritage.

So when grandma company has,
she must these family
heirlooms use.

Pinky finger sticking out,
linen napkins and lace tablecloth
on the table.

Yes, traditions do at our house remain,
and the threads back to
from whence we came.

Just chipped and handless ware,
to my grandma they are
her little touch of grace.

So when gran passes
will those old cups and saucer
be dumped in the trash or
into a fine cabinet they be placed?

The old is hard to part with,
and we do have some
real Spode china.



The Bishop's Tea Service

By Swampetta (

On a credenza, in Aunt Peg's dining room,
Sat "The Bishop's Tea Service" complete with tray.
Dark in there, seemed filled with gloom,
But that glowed like a sunshine ray!

White and fragile, like a pearl seashell.
Trimmed with pale blue and lined with gold.
Saucers and tea cups, fine porcelain you can tell,
Looked brand new but it was very old.

Aunt Peg just loved to tell the tale
Of how it had gotten there from so far away.
You just knew she would never fail,
And she could talk all day.

Maybe two hundred years ago
In a small cottage near the shore,
Dwelt the Kilbride family, you know
They had just enough, not more.

A bishop was traveling from the south
He was lost and worried and he did tire,
With an empty belly and very dry mouth
He spotted the smoke from their hearth fire.

From his horse they helped him down,
Gave him the best chair by the fire.
Helped him change from his muddy gown,
And built the flames up higher.

"I came this way to bless a church,
And consecrate the graveyard there.
But some highway men left me in a lurch.
All I've got is the clothes on me and my old mare."

He stayed with them a month or more.
They treated him like he was a king.
When he left he said "I'll settle the score,
"What you've done for me, is no small thing."

He blessed them all and rode away,
Towards the church beyond the hills.
A long, cold winter came to play
Then spring brought songbirds trills.

A huge package was left at their front door.
They pulled it in and what did they see?
So many things, they covered the floor
Of this tiny cottage near the sea.

Ma Kilbride found a letter the bishop sent.
"I think of you often and in my prayers you'll be.
I thank God that your way is where I went.
Keep me in your heart as you drink your tea."

Those tea cups and tray and pot
Took the long trip over to another place.
They'd lost almost all of what they'd got,
But "The Bishop's Tea Service" always had a space.

It's been many years since I saw it but I have never forgotten it. I think my cousin Leo has it but I know he would never even try to drink tea from those cups....My Aunt Peg would tear up the graveyard and give him a slap from beyond!

The Tea Service

By Brier (

My granddaughter loves a tea set. Every time I see one that's different I buy it for her and that way she can have tea for her, her sister, her Barbies and her teddys. Life is short for make believe and I like to encourage her and the other grands to use their imagination. I've bought her miniature tea sets and giant ones, putting no limits to the tea serving.

I hope little girls always learn to serve tea. It is a custom that adds pleasure to life, and therefore to be encouraged. They put on bonnets and dress up for afternoon tea.

Oh, the memories come flooding back through my mind. My oldest daughter has wonderful memories of an elderly lady serving her tea and cookies in the afternoon. Oh, those precious memories.



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