Hoppy met Floppy at the local carrot patch. It was love at first nibble. The first thing he noticed about her was her beautiful soft cotton tail. She was fascinated by his intelligent long ears that missed nothing. He courted her for a few weeks before they started a family.

It wasn't until the little ones were about a month old that they noticed how different from the others was little Egbert. Egbert seemed to have a passion for going to the farmer's chicken house and stealing eggs. He would then take the eggs and hide them in the carrot patch. The farmer's two children would be sent to find the eggs by their mother. They had great fun searching for them.

One day Farmer Jake decided to investigate so he could find out why the hens hid their eggs in the carrot patch. It was early Easter morning. He was surprised when he saw the little rabbit enter the hen house and come out with the eggs, which he then hid in the carrot patch. And this was how he explained to his wife and children about the Easter Bunny hiding eggs.

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)






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