It is April don't you see,
spring for you and me,
time to get outside,
as the snow and wind subside.

Mister squirrel is eating the peanuts
as the birds do come back around.
Little green sprouts rise from the ground,
as one star I see low in the east.

A robin sings as I feed the birds,
more of them as I get the paper,
I stand in the dark morn,
listening to the sounds of spring.

Before long the roses may show life,
but for now I await the forsythia's yellow bud,
await the dandelions
and the grass, greening on the lawn.

Ah, soon we may go way up the lane,
hand-in-hand and enjoy spring
See the rosy color in your cheek,
feel the warmth in your hand.

By Tom (



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