Poetry can be fantasy
coming from a dreamer.

Poetry can be joyful
coming from a happy man.

Poetry can be inspiring
coming from a winner.

Poetry can be romantic
coming from the heart.

Poetry can be sensual
coming from a lover.

Poetry can be meaningful
coming from a philosopher.

Poetry can be religious
coming from a nun.

Poetry can be inexplicable
coming from an intellectual.

Poetry can be funny
coming from a comedian.

Poetry can be sad
coming from a loser.

Poetry can be interesting
coming from a thinker.

Poetry can be depressing
coming from a tortured mind.

Poetry can be political
coming from a radical.

Poetry can be crude
coming from an angry man.

Poetry can be obscene
coming from a pervert.

Poetry can be senseless
coming from an idiot.

Poetry can be cruel
coming from a mad man.

Poetry can be lost
coming from the fields of emptiness.

Poetry can be, poetry can be?
just about anything we want it to be,
but unforgotten, wise and sincere
coming from a poet like you
and me.

By Emiliano (Poeta48@aol.com)





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