Dear visitors and authors,

One of our dear authors, Sharon Lea Miller (, has passed away. Perhaps you're familiar with her poems.

Before her illness and even during her illness, Sharon wrote and submitted poems to this website. She wrote haiku, too, and she wrote a couple of short stories, which are also on this site. If you would like the links to her other pages, send me an E-mail (

The following poem is one she wrote a few months ago. She was a courageous friend and she will be sorely missed.


A message encrypted
on the winter wind,
moans keen
At my icy window.

Swirling just outside
the glass,
above my range
of perception.

What ageless
arcane mysteries
keep vigil
lay just beyond
my reach?

The candle light flickers
in a draft.

I am transported
in the topaz
sparkling burst
the flames.

Intangible insurgence
a presence.

I am beguiled
the apparition,
for only
a moment.

Truth is too
eerie to

into silence
by the elemental
power of it all.

A sweet attar
of roses
fills the room.

In the midst
of ordinary life,
the impossible

Sharon Lea (




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