Chrissy was a very sad little girl. Six months prior, she lost her father in a fatal car accident. Things were rough without Daddy. She missed how he would read to her. She missed how he would talk with her at the breakfast table before he went to work and she went to school. And she missed his laughter. Now Mommy worked full time in the neighborhood bookstore to support the two of them. Money was scarce. Chrissy stayed at after school programs during the week, and had a teenage baby-sitter on Saturday. Sunday, Mommy and she would go to church together, then they would do the laundry and clean house. There seemed to be no time for fun together. Chrissy was lonely. And she hated the way the other children at school laughed at her for wearing thrift shop clothes. It wasn't her fault that her father was in heaven and that she was growing faster than her mother could afford clothes. Most of the time she tried to smile and act as though it all didn't hurt. But Easter was coming. And she knew that the children at church would all have new Easter clothes, while she wore clothes that had been mended and the hem of the dress let out to make up for her getting taller.

She knew it would be wrong to pray for a new dress and some new shoes, but come Sunday, when the preacher asked them to bow their heads and pray, she sent a message to her father. "Daddy, if you can hear me, and still love me, please could you send new dresses for Mommy and me for Easter. And if you could, new shoes too?" She did remember in her prayers to thank God for all else in her life. So she figured, that maybe it wasn't too sinful to ask for something as silly as new clothes. She was just a little girl, and didn't fully understand about such things. But then, most adults don't understand about things like that either.

Easter was fast approaching and Mommy had to give what little spare money they had to the government to pay for taxes. So Chrissy knew that a new dress and new shoes would not be coming to her. She would just have to be satisfied with something her mother could find at the thrift store, to wear for Easter. She would have gladly worn old clothes, if only her father was with them again. But she did understand that much, that Daddy was never coming back.

Mommy took her to the thrift shop on her lunch break on Saturday. They found a dress and some shoes that didn't look too badly used. They took them home and Mommy went back to work, leaving Chrissy with the baby-sitter. The baby-sitter pressed and ironed the dress and polished the shoes. They weren't new, but they would do. Chrissy hung the dress in her closet, and the baby-sitter washed and set her hair for curls for Sunday.

The next morning, Chrissy awoke and started getting dressed for Easter Services at the church. She opened her closet and could not believe her eyes. There hanging where she had hung the thrift shop dress, was a brand new pink dress with ribbons and bows. On the floor was a shoe box, and inside were new white shiny shoes. On her dresser was a pink bow for her hair. She called out to Mommy to come see. When she came in, she was wearing a new dress and new shoes. She had been the recipient of the same benefactor. Mommy didn't know where these new things had come from, but Chrissy knew it was Daddy in heaven, who had been watching out for his favorite girls.

That morning, when asked to say silent prayers. Chrissy said hers. "Thank You God. And Thank You Daddy. I love you both."

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