All my life I've been searching
For the one who'd complete my soul.
But there were no bluebirds perching
And no diamonds from the coal.

You can never feel very lonely
If you've always been by yourself.
A lifetime of just me only.
Gathering dust on an empty shelf.

I felt a space where my heart should be.
But I didn't know how to fill it.
If I felt an emotion come to me,
I always did my best to kill it.

Looked in the skies, the evergreen trees,
In fallen leaves and sprouting grass.
Is there no one I can please?
And quickly the years did pass.

Suddenly a brilliant light shined out!
Then I saw what I needed to see.
The only one, and I can never doubt,
That completed my life.....was me.

By Swampetta (



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