Three cheers for retirement.
If for your prescriptions you can pay, it can be heaven sent.

More time for the adult children can be found,
And scheduling of appointments no longer makes your head spin round and round.

Holidays are a shoe-in because you are free indeed.
Less presents you can give, as lower income you plead.

Exercise is not a problem as you have time to walk the dog,
And on your computer you can write blog after blog.

You can cook the meals for which hubby has always dreamed,
And your house will always look freshly cleaned.

The highway calls as each day you rise,
And every hour can bring you a new and glorious surprise.

If your health holds out, and the creek donít rise;
You may enjoy your golden years until your demise.

So, three cheers for retirement which we hope is golden,
And may we not work from sunup to sundown as in days of olden.

P.S. Three cheers that my retirement begins this year on June 10th.



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