A hummingbird flitted near my hair
Just inches away I was aware
As he flitted about on quick wing
The lively breeze he made began to sing

He moved so close I could feel the air
As he hovered and fluffed up my hair
It was funny for others to see
As he hovered just above of me

My husband laughed and I sort of ducked
Was that bird my hair trying to pluck
No idea of why he flew near
He stirred up just a little bit fear

Perhaps he wanted some hair for nest
Or his wings he just wanted to test
Could it be my personality
Maybe I am all that sweet you see

I'm sweet as honey oh yes I be
That's something you didn't know of me
OK maybe that's stretching a bit
That's my story and sticking to it

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)





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