Rocco, mighty hunter of smaller creatures.

Today you met a larger predator, for the last time.

A car or a truck...(For your pride, I hope it was a BIG one!)

It left you almost on the doorstep.

The way you used to leave your furry and feathered gifts.

I almost knew that it had overcome you when you were chasing something.

Maybe a mouse or a squirrel, twitched a tail and you became who you always saw yourself to be..."The Provider"!

Maybe you missed,,,what preyed on you didn't miss.

At least you were doing what you loved to do when you left so abruptly.

I will miss you helping me carry groceries into the house.

You wrapped yourself around my ankles when I was carrying bags.

You were my favorite obstacle course.

You loved the outdoors because there was nothing to really chase inside.

Rocco, named for a fellow who used to whine and complain all the time.

Just like you did when we didn't open the door quickly enough.

Maybe your brother Egal will learn to do those things.

But never as well as you did.

You are missed here.

By Swampetta (


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