When the phase of the moon is full,
According to satanic plan,
One man enjoys its monthly pull,
The wretched and accursed wolfman.

His body, first, is wracked with pain,
As chemical changes occur.
Its that time of the month again,
When his skin grows a coat of fur.

Slowly, his ears become pointed,
His eyes take on a reddish glow,
His hips reshape, double jointed,
From his mouth saliva does flow.

Nose and mouth combine as a snout,
His canines grow to be long fangs,
Whenever the full moon is out,
And in the city damp fog hangs.

Human hands and feet change to paws,
Where sharp claws begins to appear.
Rows of razor teeth line his jaws,
While a tail erupts oer his rear.

Strange wild urges are all aboil,
Mind torn between human and beast.
His emotions, though in turmoil,
Succumb to the need for blood feast.

He bounds from the house, in fury,
Hunting for a victim to slay.
He need not fear any jury -
Wolf will revert to man next day.



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