off in the distance
somewhere a windchime is heard
silence is broken
strolling geisha raises her hand
to brush aside the maple leaves

susi Taylor (


Heavenly bower
A wide canopy of mists
In muted colors
Setting the scene for dreaming
Of a lovely fairyland.

Marian (


Red among the green
Beauty with serenity
smile generator


A quiet garden
peaceful and good thoughts I feel
at peace with ones self

Tom (


flowering bonsai
aroma overpowers
a person's senses

Mikey (


you were new to me
I had not met you before
so I had to ask


exotic new plant
blooming in exotic land
pleasure to meet you

Bob (


Leafy canopy
In full colorful raiment
Brighten autumn's day

Doris (


River flowing by
Shades of calm peace and beauty
I wish I was there

Sharon (


unseen birds warbled
among the hidden bowers
guarding the lovers


the evening wind sighs
drying the tears on their cheeks
as they slipped away

Elise (


Japanese Maple
Jewel of the Orient
A loverís delight

Richard (


the old crooked limbs
have sighed and settled lowly -
and shelter the new

Marilyn (




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