Phone calls were made. Plans were planned. Everyone was to meet at Grandma's house at noon exactly, to whisk her away to a wonderful family meal at her favorite buffet restaurant. Her daughter Joan and her husband Mike, called to their two youngest to hurry and get in the car. They stopped off at the older girl's dorm and she was waiting to ride with them.

They arrived at Grandma's house just at the time that Grandma's son and his wife arrived. Then their two children came together, along with their respective spouses and children. Only the oldest son had yet to arrive, but it wasn't long before he and his wife showed up. Joan went to fetch her mother. They would all drive to the restaurant together.

But Grandma wasn't ready! She insisted they come into the house first.

The large gathering got out of their cars and walked up the pathway to the door. All entered and waited in the living room. As soon as they entered the house, they smelled an aroma coming from her kitchen. "Mom, what are you cooking? You know we planned to take you out to lunch."

"Well, I had other plans. You all just wait there for now. I will let you know when it is time to eat."

"Can we help?" The women asked.

"Of course not, this is Mother's day. You just enjoy the visit with the family."

And so they waited, all looking anxiously at each other. This wasn't how it was supposed to go. Was she getting so senile in her old age that she had forgotten that they were supposed to take her out for a special treat?

"OK," Grandma called out to them. "Come into the dining room and find a place to sit."

Names were on the table in front of each place setting. A wrapped gift was next to the names of the daughter, and the daughter's-in-law. Now they were sure Grandma was getting senile. This was supposed to be HER special day.

Then she surprised them even more. Instead of her serving everyone, she had hired a maid to cook, serve, and clean up. She sat down and prepared to enjoy a friendly meal with her family.

They all had a good time. Then at the end of the meal, she requested that the women open their presents.

Each did so, and was surprised to find that she had given a diamond necklace to each of them. Along with the present was a note and each note said exactly the same thing.

"To the Mothers of my lovely grandchildren. This is a thank you for bringing such love and joy into my life."

That was when they all realized that Grandma was not getting senile at all. She just wanted to let them know that Mother's day was for them, and that she appreciated all they had brought into their lives.

And that is what this story is about. Thank you to my daughter, and my two daughters-in-law, for all the love and joy you have brought into my life.

By Sharon (



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