Joy wrote the following poem for her grandson who wanted something about his mother's new sport of running.

When I first noticed my mother
She seemed like any other mother to me
She keeps me clean and cooks my meals
She's as nice as she can be

She is expert at so very many things
And she's an awfully good gourmet cook
She can sew a seam and quilt a quilt
She's a whiz at reading a book

She was never good at bowling
But they loved to have her along
She didn't get into the golfing thing
Or go to Sweet Adelines to sing a song

But something funny is happening
To this mother of mine, it is true
I feel as though I don't know her
She's becoming somebody new

It started so very innocently
When she started to walk with a friend
She'd walk half a mile or maybe more
Every day more time she would spend

She finally ended up running
What a sight to see my mother run
Why she's really doing it pretty good
Hey, this looks like it might be fun

My dad was surprised when she told him
That she would be running a 10K
She didn't get any prizes
But for a mom she was really okay

She's spending more time on her running
And she's biking and swimming too
She's doing a mini-triathalon
Wouldn't you be proud of her too?

By Joy (




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