We all have secrets hidden away,
Stashed in the psyche’s “personal” file,
Some deep and dark and some merely gray,
Some recent, some buried a long while.

The blackest secret that I possess,
If brought to light, would cause me great shame.
No one knows, nor would they ever guess
I conceal it to save my good name.

Of course, I appear quite innocent -
In fact, I am highly respected;
Yet, to prison I could well be sent,
If my dark secret is detected.

It is no defense for me to say
That I didn’t have another choice;
And, since that day, my conscience must pay,
For listening to that little voice.

There’s comfort knowing I’m not alone,
But that is little consolation,
To live in fear of the mail or phone,
Answer door bells with hesitation..

For decades, I’ve lived with this secret,
And to others offer this advice:
Don’t do something you’ll always regret -
Before cheating on taxes, think twice.

© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)





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