Old friends we lose after awhile and memories we keep
Get them out, dust them off, and remember
It is the best gift we can give them and ourselves.
Look at them, remember, and say
Those were good days.

Look at the pictures and remember the days of winter
Remember the seashore too.
Remember the laughs and the silly things we did.
It is the best monument you can give.
Enjoy them again even now.

Laugh and cry with them just as if they sat here with you.
For it is good not sad to recall the best of things.
So enjoy the memories and make new ones.
Make new friends too, but remember the old ones.
Enjoy them, both the silver and gold together.

Don't shut them away, enjoy.
Dust them off and show them off.
Enjoy the times again, savor them.
Laugh and cry and do it again.
Enjoy and enjoy again, like you did back then.


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