Sukieann met a guy online.
They seemed to get along real fine.
they IM'd daily, back and forth
He lived in Alaska, the frozen north!

Sukieann lived in Alabama.
With 15 cats and her Mama.
One day they decided to meet.
Somewhere, eye to eye and feet to feet!

In a health food bar, in LA
Both had to go a long way.
She would wear a baseball cap,
He'd have a red balloon and a map.

Sharing five glasses of carrot juice,
He looked and thought, "What's the use?"
She was pretty but there was one thing,
Made his alarms go; "Ding!Ding!Ding!"

They shook hands and waved "Bye-bye"
It went no further from that feeble try.
See, when Sukie came from Alabama...?
She brought all the cats AND her Mama!

By Swampetta (





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