Madge and Ethel went to the county fair and did the host tent visit. A couple glasses from the fountain and they were like teenagers. They laughed, giggled, and wandered through the midway, playing games as they had when they were children.

Madge did after four tries knock down two sets of milk bottles. After ten dollars of spending, a goldfish in a plastic bag was her prize. Ethel managed to squirt water in the thing and she won a god-awful clear orange and green bowl.

"A home for Freddie, Ethel yelled," as she and Madge staggered home. Laughing and leaving their cars there, both had had a heck of a time.

So now when Ethel has company they look at that gosh awful fishbowl. She laughs and says it should be from Tiffany, but it is Freddie's county Fair little housie.

Now it has some silly glass thingys, and even a mermaid sunning. So each year at fair time, Madge and Ethel think of Freddie and his house of glass, the one that took their whole month's Social Security check.

Tom (



Uncle Joe lost the gold crown from his tooth. He looked all over for it. He wanted to take it to the dentist and see if it could be refitted. After all, it had cost him many dollars to have it put on in the first place.

But he could not find the crown. He gave up, finally, and decided that when it came loose, he must have swallowed it. He made an appointment with the dentist and prepared himself for the big expense.

Later, when his wife started washing up the dishes, she began to laugh. "Joe come here."

So Joe went into the kitchen to see what she wanted.

"Joe, go fish in that sink."

"Hey! I am a man," he said. " I don't do dishes."

This made his wife angry so she reached into the sink, took his missing crown from it and ran into the bathroom. There! She deposited his gold crown in the toilet.

Later, when Joe went in to use the toilet, there, sitting in the bottom of the bowl was his crown. Joe had to fish in the toilet bowl for his gold crown.

Sharon (



Freddie was one of those goldfish that gets to live in a backyard pond. Sometimes his people called him a 'Koi' others referred to him as a 'Carp'. Freddie didn't care what you called him as long as it wasn't late for dinner. He got to spend some really quality time in that pond and there were a few friends he made. A few frogs would stop by from time to time and they would get up a rousing card game. The dragonflies would wait for the frogs to leave the area and they would sit and talk to Freddie. He had the good life and he surely knew it! Then came the day that his people stood next to the pond and looking at Freddie, discussed his current habitat.

"Myrtle? You know that the fish is getting way too big for that little pond?" "George...I'd have to be blind not to see that it's getting to be a mightly close fit. What do you think we should do?" If a goldfish could sweat, Freddie would have!

He spent the next couple weeks in a big old bathtub in the basement. No company. No card games. Talk about bored...?

Then on a gorgeous summer day, which he could only know about from looking out the basement window, he heard his people coming down the steps. He had the feeling that he wasn't going to be going back to his familiar pond, but he had no idea what to expect. They wrapped him in a soaking wet sheet and he felt himself being carried out to the sunshine..Uh..Oh.

SSPPPLLLOOOOSSSSHHHHH! He hit the water with a belly whopper! WOW! He wondered if this was the ocean? It was enormous and he could swim so far that he was beginning to be convinced that it was the sea. His people stood above and watched him frolicking about.

"Oh George, this was the best idea! I always wanted a swimming pool and Freddie seems to have made himself right at home. Thank you Dear Heart, This is grand!" Freddie agreed!

Swampetta (




Brothers, sister and a few friends
In procession crossed the damp lawn.
Too late then to make their amends -
The time for loving care was gone.

All gathered there at the graveside.
The strange scene was almost surreal,
As the attendees tried to hide
The deep emotions they must feel.

The dew moist morning earth was piled
On a small mound next to the hole.
Somberly, to both sides they filed,
And downward glances they all stole.

Oddly, the grave seemed to beckon,
So they rapidly raised their gaze -
Taking silent pause to reckon
On the error of their own ways.

Nutrition, asphyxiation?
Seems nobody could really say.
Guilty, they’d no explanation
For why death arrived that sad day.

Yes, they could have been much kinder,
And attended those simple needs.
Children now need no reminder -
Even a goldfish breathes and feeds.

RickMack (



Why did Papa get that job located so close he could come home for lunch? Not only did mama have to make him his usual breakfast, one egg, one piece of toast, one piece of bacon and a cup of coffee, but no more than she turned around, made formula for the new born, hung a load of diapers on the clothes line, make up the beds, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, than here would Papa come for lunch! It had to be ready on time so he wouldn't be late back to work. What a mess, yes!

This day had been rocky from the start. Papa couldn't find his toothbrush, and one green sock was missing. Her new born woke up too early and the 18 month old Freddie could not amuse himself and ran around the house as if he had had a bucket of sugar-coated peeps. Mama was running behind for lunch when there was a knock at the door.

"I've come to stay with you a few days," her mother-in-law said. Her ways were old fashioned country ways.

Everyone was always welcome. Mama gave her her nicest welcome - but now she had to make lunch for an extra mouth.

About that time she had an idea. She took last night's potatoes, spread them on pieces of bread, sliced a tomato on top of that and shook some parmesian cheese over all of it, at last shoving it in the toaster oven.

But that was not something Freddie could eat. As she was pouring milk and putting goldfish on the side of the plates, she had another bright lightbulb go off in her brain.

Down came Freddie's favorite cereal bowl - the one with the suction cup on the bottom and Spider Man painted on the bottom. She poured it full of milk and put Freddie in his high chair. Then she put some gold fish on a napkin, and Freddie entertained himself all through papa's lunch - letting one fish swim in his milk at a time and "catching" it with his spoon. Now.....what's going to work for dinner?

Norma (





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