They built a road,
by gosh they did,
built a road by my house.

Now we have trucks and cars,
always a rushing and passing by.
ruined the rural ambiance,
now like a city highway.

So some reading I did do
and decided to plant some trees.
Hybrid poplars grow real fast,
within a few years seclusion you will have.

That is what the ads did say,
that is what the pictures so did show.
Eighty hybrid poplars I bought,
and forty hybrid willows too.

It was a clear hot May day,
when me, my shovel, and some tree shoots
I did set out to them plant.

Plant them five feet apart,
plant them along the fence toward the road,
plant them and hope they grow,
Hope they to me some privacy give.

The back was tired, the knees quite sore
as that eighty went into the ground.
Then a break and back to work,
the forty willows they were next.

By supper time with my butt a-dragging,
they were all in the ground.
Watered them then said a prayer,
Stood in the hot shower for half an hour.

Part 2

The trees were in and you know what?
It did snow the next two nights,
and below freezing it did get
Oh my poor trees will they live?

My planting did the wife wake up,
three large Junipers and a white pine.
Dig a hole three feet across,
and just two feet down.

Then all these trees every day
had to be watered
so a drip system I decided.
To the library and read some books.

By the end of the week,
three drip systems I had put in.
Electronic timers to them I did attach,
so they run every day.

But, shucks, I will be dang,
need a wind break on the North side of the house,
need something to break the snow,
so back I went to the plant catalogue.

Fifty Siberian elms are now on order,
and I have the drip system parts.
So while I wait for them to arrive,
planted six more pines and four rose bushes.

Then, being the dang fool I am,
I did go and a roto-tiller buy.
So now if you drive up the road,
And see a feller jiggling, it is tom.

By Tom (






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