I have a big problem, oh yes indeed,
I have a big problem and may I tell it to you?


My problem, oh yes indeed, is trying to
Communicate ideas.
I think and I write, and I try to explain,
And oh how clear it is to me,
So precise and exact do I make my words,
How in the world can anyone
Not understand?

I labor and toil, if you will,
Trying to figure out how to say
What I want to tell.
And I spend a lot of time, I do,
Making sure it will communicate to you.

I write it down, then spell-check it,
And then I re-read my words,
Changing any that do not seem right,
And then I do send it out.

Then what do I get in return?
A lot of "oh yeahs", and "good job done".
But then it seems to me,
No one actually understood what I had said,
It was like Greek, or else they had not read.

I work, I think, and I study a lot,
Trying to figure it all out,
For when I wrote assembly instructions
In the GE plant, shucks they just
Breezed right through,
And built them right.

When I wrote about missiles and space,
Shucks, that was no race,
For oblate spherical geometry I did tie
With advance calculus,
And theoretical Hypersonics.
And they seemed to understand.

Then when I wrote the instructions,
Or wrote how to run a computer program,
People all seemed to lap it up,
And shucks, I thought
I had done it right.

And then I wrote stuff on how a missile to fix,
What to do to make it click,
And shucks, again they all understood,
And that really made me feel good.
Then when my Dissertation I wrote,
Everyone said it was simple and plain,
And they even put some letters behind my name.

But somewhere along the line,
I have gotten involved with a punkin' vine,
For now it seems to me
I write even better than back then.
Yet no one seems to understand
What it is I'm trying to say,
And shucks, this is just plain
Everyday stuff,
Just telling stories by making them up.

So if you have an answer for me,
Or can, if you please,
Tell me where I am going wrong,
Shucks, I will even write you a song.

But I am stymied, and I am stuck,
For how can a story teller I be,
If no one understands
What I say?

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)



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