What Would I Do?

© By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

What would I do without love
If I never felt a child's hug
The stars wouldn't shine above
Living life wouldn't be worth a plug

Doing tasks day in and out
Would be so dreary that is for sure
There would be an emptiness
If no friend entered into my door

What would I do without love
Never to feel a lover's sweet kiss
Nor see a smile just for me
Oh I would feel such a loneliness

If no one cared about me
I wouldn't see the beauty around
No blue sky or birds in flight
Everything would be painted dull brown

What would I do without love
I couldn't even find love for me
For life without love in it
Would be meaningless and drudgery



What Would I Do?

© By Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net>

What would I do without chocolate?
It's very plain to see
That chocolate is a cure-all
For whatever's ailing me.

If I'm lonely or downtrodden
Or the weather is cold and drear
A bite of creamy dark chocolate
Will drive away all fear.

Whatever form you present to me
Ice cream, cake or a foamy drink
Only chocolate can soothe my soul
And put me back in the pink.



What Would I Do?

Many things in my life
I've done without
But there's one I need
Of that, there's no doubt!

There's friends that I see,
And others I call.
And then there's some
I don't see at all!

There are the ones
Here, in the "Blue Nowhere"
And they count for as much
As any, "In Person" I'd share!

Sometimes it seems,
An adult kindergarden.
Marilyn's the teacher
And also the warden!

When I go in the sandbox
I go in there to play.
And throw my shovel and pail,
When I don't get my way.

But most are forgiving of tantrums
'Cause we all have a few.
And "Negative Nellies"
Are anything but new.

So try to excuse me
When I step on your toes.
It's a different reality
Where anything goes!



What Would I Do?

© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)

I, for one, would be stumbling around,
Tripping over things, banging my knees,
And, now and then, falling on the ground.
I’d sure miss seeing the sky and trees.

There’d be no point picking up a book,
For every page would be just a blur,
And the world would be, too, when I’d look
Around to find out where my glasses were.

I give high praise to optometrists,
For improving quality of life,
My glasses are the finest of gifts,
Letting me see my lovely wife.

For no matter how tightly I squint,
To overcome astigmatism,
Of the way things look, I’d have no hint,
But for the shape of each glass prism.

What Would I Do?

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

How would we get along without those who continually have nothing good to say, always something negative. Negative Nellies and Negative Neds? You know the kind, we all do, those who never seem to have anything positive to say? The day is never nice and oh so great, it is too sunny or too cloudy for them. The temperature or weather them it never suits, always something wrong regardless of what.

I used to run marathons and ultras; and I only won my class in one of the 25 I ran. Oh a marathon is 26 miles 385 yards. It was at Dillon, Colorado and I won the masters, over 40 class. There were not a lot of runner, but dag nab it I was the first guy over 40 to the finish line.

My wife looked at me, “Huh, the only reason you won was there were no good runners here.” My balloon popped and I was deflated in a flash. Then in the International Oldtimers I won the 60+ Expert class for a twelve race series that ran from Edmonton, Alberta to Phoenix, Arizona, a twelve race series. Oh I felt so good, I was proud for I had won the series. Again, the wife casually said, “Yes, you won because Zolly, that guy from California and the guy from Washington didn’t make many races.” Damn I felt low for I had made all of the races and finished in the top four at every one, amassing enough points to win for me the super bowl trophy, win the Olympics but of course that was the thought and statement.

Since that day regardless of what I do I never comment on where I finished or how I did for I want no comments.

And so it is with a lot of others, they seem to live to be negative and to condemn others; to make life miserable for all others they meet or come into contact with. The though have an excuse for everything they cannot do or do in a sub par manner. But they sure as hell do bad mouth anyone who is in any way better than they at anything.

Yep, would not the world be so much better without Negative Ned or Negative Nelly? To think that one would say, “Good show, nice going,” to anyone who was better or finished ahead of them. Gosh that would be eerie, that would be odd, that would be, aw shucks, it would never work because the world in every phase or facet, niche and cranny has to have Nelly and Ned to be negative for that is their nature and god given right.

Wonder if they could play a game for the day, be nice, and only open your mouth if you can say something positive or nice to others? Hmmm, impossible.



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