There once was a girl named Dawn,
With hair like the silk on a corn.
Her eyes so blue that they hurt.
But her manner was awful curt.
She left all her dates feeling forlorn.

Then Dawn met a man named Vin
He tried to get her to sin.
She said, "I can't go there,
I'll just ruin my hair!"
He slammed the car door before she got in.

Dawn got a job making corn muffins.
They tasted more like pillow stuffin's
And although she looked cute
In her bakery girl suit
Her tips amounted to a lot of nothin's

Then she met a farmer named Bruce.
He stared when she served him some juice.
He said, "My Goodness, my dear..
What are you doing here?"
He let out with the love-call of a moose.

Dawn felt her heart melt like butter
All she could do was stutter.
They went out on a date
She got home VERY late!
And never a word did she utter.

They married later that spring.
Her attitude meant not a thing.
See Bruce wasn't thrown,
He was as deaf as a stone.
And she treated him just like a king.

By Swampetta (



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